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This website is for informational purposes only and is NOT a solicitation for LPI’s services or the purchase of any life settlement interest. Prior to making any investment, you should always consult with your financial advisor and legal professional to determine if the investment is suitable for you. Accordingly, persons should not rely on this website to determine whether or not to purchase a life settlement or offer a policy for sale. Factors such as the potential ROI for each policy, the potential for future premium payments, a potential purchaser’s tolerance for illiquidity, a potential purchaser’s suitability and qualification under applicable laws and other risk factors associated with the purchase of life settlements must be considered prior to purchase. Factors such as the policy owner’s ability to pay future premiums, whether the reason the policy was initially taken out still exists, the policy owner’s determination as to the future value provided by the coverage compared to cash from a life settlement transaction must be considered prior to deciding to offer a policy for sale.
Returns experienced by individual purchasers will depend on the returns of each policy owned by such individual and may vary substantially, either higher or lower, from the historical averages presented in the website. Nothing in this website should in any way be construed as a guarantee of a specific return on investment, a specific amount to be paid to Purchaser, payment of proceeds by the insurance carrier, or a specific date of death of the insured. Any representation to the contrary is not authorized by Life Partners, Inc.
Nothing in this website should in any way be construed as a guarantee or representation that a policy presented or offered for sale through Life Partners, Inc. will be purchased or the specific amount of any offer which may be made.
This website is not directed at residents of the State of Oklahoma.

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